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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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rescue is here and san francisco fire chief down there on scene getting updated on the situation. to the water right now. you can see fire personnel still down there in their search for the 14-year-old in ocean beach. here is the story as we were told. two cousins playing in the water start to get pulled out, near lincoln, after -- lincoln, after 4:00 p.m. the father went in. he also got in trouble. and then it was a nearby surf who went into action. 17-year-old, he is a student, he is also the son of a san francisco fireman. he went in twice. first to get one boy and then he went back in to get the man. you will hear from him first and then the chief will take it from there. >> i went in, put him on my board, paddles him in.
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he is in shock. i was focusing on getting him in. i turned around. i see the guy vomit in the water. i turned to the kid, i said can you swim, he said no. i give him my board, he could walk at this point. i see the guy. it is not looking good. pale, the eyes are red. i dragged him in. paramedics took it from there. he didn't have a pulse. >> they did cpr. got his pulse back. they got him to ucsf. transported after cpr. >> reporter: crews are still looking into the water. there is jet skis, boats, and the coast guard. we don't have an update on the father. the surf says he did not have wet suits all. all the individuals, the two people, were in street clothes. a woman and child were taken away from the scene, they are
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related to those who were rescued. a 14-year-old still missing in san francisco. we will monitor the situation and give you updates. san francisco fire says this is still a rescue operation. live in the city, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 6:00 p.m. bystanders watched as a police officer restrains a giants fan by putting his arm around the man's neck. now the video is raising questions about how police handled crowds and cameras on the job. police trying to handle an unruly person and we heard crowds taunting officers before. ktvu's allie rasmus explains the larger issue that is facing officers trying to do their job in this age of smart phones and twitter. >> reporter: that video was shared on facebook and went viral putting san francisco police officers interactions with the giants with fans in the spotlight. >> reporter: inside at&t pebble
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beach national at&t park last night he saw this between a police officer and a giants fan. he pressed record on his cell phone. >> kid is in handcuffs. brought him down. took him to the ground. put weight on the kid's neck. >> reporter: he has a following online so he posted the first 16 seconds on facebook and in a matter of hours it was shared 500 times. 100 people made comments about it. most negative towards police. he thinks the video touched a nerve. >> stuff like this happens all the time. it is just not documented. cops have their ways of dealing with situations. >> to the public it appears the use of force was a little excessive to the untrained eye but in reality the officer did what he was supposed to do.
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>> reporter: the officer engaged in a control hold and says it is an appropriate tactic under policy. the video was taken after officers were called out for being belligerent. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the full 30 second video not posted on facebook, you see the officer and the fan stand up and walk away. he says police are now operating in a anal of cameras -- age of cameras. >> keeps us honest. i think it is a positive thing. >> reporter: a positive thing he says as long as the information is not taken out of context. >> it is just a small segment of time. we didn't see what happened before or after. >> reporter: san francisco police say the fan was not arrested but he and his friends were kicked out of the game. live in san francisco, allie
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rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. we heard about this story from a ktvu channel 2 news viewer who posted the video to our facebook page. you can tip us off to a news story on facebook or twitter. we are following developing news where it appear as suspect has been shot by a police officer. we haven't received an account of what happened but there is a large police presence at a shopping center near interstate 80 and a gold colored suv with bullet holes in the window. paramedics were working on one individual. it may have started with a traffic stop that turned into a police chase and a shooting this afternoon. we will update this story as soon as we get more information. we have new information right now about an attack on a police officer who was responding to a disturbance call. a story we told you about yesterday. today the suspect appeared in court. he is accused of kicking and
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punching a police officer and then trying to steal the officer's gun. according to document he intended to shoot the officer. the officer responded to an area on monday after someone reported seeing a man trying to set a fire. a woman whos was caught trying to sneak on planes -- who was caught trying to sneak on planes cause caught again today. her attempts began on february 15 when she boarded a plane for hawaii. she was ordered to stay away from the airport unless she had a ticket. the district attorney asked his staff to locate any social services that could give her help. agents are searching a home in marine county after the owner was arrested on embezzlement. news chopper 2 flew over the home late this afternoon.
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this as the owner and three others appeared in court on wire and bank fraud and money laundering. he has been entrouble before. he -- in trouble before. he was charged with insurance fraud in 2011. the san francisco board of supervisors approved legislation that would boost relocation fees for 10 wants evected under the ellis -- evicted under the ellis act. the san francisco apartment association opposes this legislation. >> many of the people have represent are small building owners that actually live in their buildings and this legislation will make it cost prohibitive. >> a second reading is set for next week before it is sent to mayor ed lee. supervisors okayed legislation to build units in the castro
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district and legalize secondary housing spaces. the san francisco board of supervisors approved legislation that would boost relocation fees for 10 wants evected under the ellis act. if signed -- evicted under the ellis act. not over won supports the legislation -- not everyone supports the legislation. and we will move on to aortstory right now. -- to another story right now. two fire trucks collided in daily city. they rushed outside to find two firefighters seriously injured. ktvu's david stevenson is there with what neighbors are saying about the firefighter whose they consider friends. david? >> reporter: the crash happened at 9:18 a.m. this morning and police only opened the intersection up a
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half hour ago. take a look at the video. the collision shocked neighbors. it happened as engine 92 and ladder truck 95 were headed for a kitchen fire. the impact injured two firefighters, sending them to the hospital in serious condition. a parked car was also smaished up. a witness -- smashed up. a winds said the man in the car was -- witness said the man in the car was shaken but not injured. the collision affected a lot of people here. nearbies who know some of the firefighters -- neighbors who knew some of the firefighters. >> this truck in the front, one is the driver and one is the other guy. the other guy -- here, like the bleeding. the other guy is like -- [ indiscernible ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> fire house. >> my heartbroken. they are my friends. >> my heart goes out to them
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and their families. hopefully they will recover soon. >> reporter: there have been a number of crashes and near misses because there is no stop sign north and south. the cause of the crash is under investigation by the police department. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. two bay area children honored as heroes for staying calm and doing the right thing in a life threatening emergency. [ indiscernible ] >> she can't breathe and i don't know what is happening. [ indiscernible ] >> can i get a ambulance,s me. >> they both receive -- balance, please. >> they both prevented medals today. she had a severe asthma attack and she pushed back her fears and called 911. >> i was choking for air and
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she called 911 and although she was scared and nervous she was a big girl. >> reporter: do you realize what you did? >> yeah. i saved my mom's life. >> how about that. in january his mother was suffering from food poisoning and he had a practical question for the dispatcher. >> well, how much does it cost for the ambulance? [ laughter ] >> she said no, no, no. don't call 911 and i knew how expensive it was but i didn't care because i want to make sure my mom was okay. >> both moms are doing great and are so proud of their children's bravery. they said they want other kids to know it is okay to call nene 11 but only 911 but only when it is a real emergency. 21 students stabbed at a pennsylvania high school. we go inside a bay area school
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district to show you the steps being taken to prevent violence on campus. >> the fog showed up along the coast. it pushes inland tonight. that means cooler day time highs. how much cooler in your neighborhood? back here after the break.
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authorities near pittsburgh, pennsylvania charged a 16-year-old as an adult as he went on a stabbing rampage this morning and they released the name of the suspect, alex hribal, he faced attempt said homicide and assault charges in the attack at franklin regional high school. 21 students and an adult security guard were injured. five were admitted to the hospital in critical condition. students describe the teen
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carrying two knives. the security guard and a principal tackle and handcuffed -- tackled and handcuffed the boy. >> my friend was bleeding. my one friend saw her. i didn't see her. one friend stabbed in the back. my friend's brother was tacked to the ground and stabbed him. unbelievable. >> investigators say they are still not sure what led alex hribal to carry out the stabbings. ktvu's noelle walker visited a school district who took steps to prevent violence. >> reporter: the school district has seen campus fights, riots and gang rape. they areoping new schools with an eye on -- they are opening new schools with an eye on
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safety. >> looking outsiders. i can pull up by the stairs. >> and there is someone watching. >> i have 16 different camera views. >> the high school has 120 surveillance cameras. >> we need to see what they are up to. >> one here. >> all to keep students safe. >> being proactive and smart and we realize anything could happen on any day. >> the west contra costa county school district is no stranger to violence. in 200960 students forced the campus into lock -- 2009, 60 students forced the campus into lock down. >> we went through a variety of different scenarios that included active shooters. >> reporter: other districts have done the same drills. preparing for the worse case scenario. every since sandy hook
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elementary school all the classrooms have one of these in the classroom telling them what to do from fire to active shooter and if they need help they could stick this in the window. because everybody here knows your name -- >> one of the most important thens is to make sure students wear badges at all times. >> knows you are being watched. >> we are heading in the right direction. >> reporter: no safety measures are a guarantee against violence but knowing the measures are in place can help detour it and help a campus better react toit. noel -- to it. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ktvu channel 2 news. >> the stabbing in pennsylvania is one year to the day after an attack in north houston. a student charged with stabbing 14 people there on april 9 of last year. two of them were critically wounded. he fantasized since he was 8
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years old about stabbing people. nurses held a noisy protest today at san francisco general. >> nurses were rallying for a fair contract but more importantly they are against further staffing cuts that mayor ed lee is calling for. they said patients are unable to get safe and prompt care they need. >> additionally we have shortens that mean we can't stab adequate even though there is empty beds and doctors available is, just not enough nurses. >> we spoke with the hospital who said staffing levels are regulated and they are in good standing with regulators and there is not a safety issue. the rest of california state senator leland yee had a ripple effect among california voters. voters in general approved of
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their state senator 4% to 25 -- 45% to 25%. in the week following leland yee's arrest it dropped to 43% and disapproval spiked to 30%. there is a push to protect whistle blowers who report wrong doing by legislators. it would provide them with new legal protection. this comes as three california senators, including leland yee have been suspected due to felony charnels. >> maybe it will -- charges. >> maybe it will deter criminal conduct in the future if there can't be retribution. >> mosts are protected by the state personnel board in whistle blower cases but they
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don't protect staff members. temperatures today on the warm side but not as warm as the last couple days. we hit 81 in antioch. 81 in morgan hill. ate in naffa -- 80 in napa. cooler along the coast because the fog is in big time. came in last night. came in yesterday. this low-pressure systems here, see it, that pushes in to the coast by friday and that cools us more. went from 87 to 85, 82 degrees in some places. there is the fog allop the coast. that fog pushes inland -- along the coast. that fog pushes inland. fog over the hill there. in san francisco just 54 degrees. you see the fog over the twin peaks area. highs tomorrow in san francisco, s going to be cooler than -- is going to be cooler than it has been.
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59 degrees in san francisco. 62 degrees for a day time high. high pressure weakened a little bit. we are looking at a day tomorrow like today. an onshore flow and friday here comes the system. cooling on friday. this isn't passive. low 70s instead of mid-80s. fog tomorrow morning. there is the fog, right, fog. tomorrow we warm. you see the temperature foot step. pushes the warmer temperatures away frommal the coastal sections. you get out there -- from the coastal sections. you get out there and you see 80s. 81 clear lake. highs for thursday. 80 livermore. 80 pleasanton. air quality is still good. we are seeing the fog set up.
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seeing the warmer temperatures inland. cooler coast. classic summer. not there yet but more typical. thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures moderate. go down and hover through the bay area weekend. no rain then five-day forecast. maybe drizzle saturday morning and more of the same. mild weather. nice. real nice. can't beat this. >> thank you. coming up in sports the giants table contract talks with one of their biggest stars and the a's go into extra innings in minnesota. mark is up next with all the details. bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning!
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yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. mark is here with sports. a's on a roll. >> they love playing the minnesota twins. they have beaten minnesota 8 straight times. a 4 run first inning for oakland. brandon moss, flair to left. two runs score. 4-0 lead. come the 9th, the lead cut to 4- 3. johnson blows his second save. here is the tying run. flyball to right. josh redick comes up throwing. suzuki slides safely with the
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tying run. a's argue the call but he just gets his hand in there in time. they go to the 11th. two on and he takes care of business. jacket, way gone. three run shot with one out. those are the winning runs. 7-4 your final in 11 innings. pablo sandoval one of the most popular giants in recent history but it could be the last year he spends with the giants as they can't get it together on a contract. the gap is so wide the giants say they are tabling contracts till after the season. bruce koci reacts. -- bruce bochy reacts. >> the only thing you can do is conserate on what you are supposed to -- concentrate on what you are supposed to. play baseball. he is not getting caught up into the contracts. his agents will take care of. >> all right.
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we will see how that plays out. but no doubt he is a popular guy. >> shame to see him go. rescuers searching for the 14-year-old boy who unfortunately has been missing in the water for several hours. we are talking with the crews. we will have live updates at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36 and on the 10:00 p.m. news. >> we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us here tonight. >> good night.
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